End-of-Service Announcement

As of June 2019, DPS has fully discontinued the use of Schoolnet. Information about its disconnection can be found here.

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If you have questions about DPS Professional Learning Transcripts, please contact the Professional Learning Team.

What application do I use now?

Below, you'll find helpful information and navigation to applications that replace the major functions you used to do in Schoolnet.

Function in Schoolnet New Application Function in New Application
Assess Illuminate DnA View Assessments, Create Assessment, Create Itembank Assessment, Visit Itembank, Print Generic Answer Sheets
Reporting - State/Vendor Assessments Illuminate DnA Tile: DPS Reports. This will take you to a full report list to links of reports within Illuminate DnA. Access it directly here.
Reporting - District/Classroom Assessments Illuminate DnA Go to an Assessment through View Assessments, then click Reports in subnav bar.
Instructional Materials Schoology Curriculum Groups within Schoology contain content. For a listing of Curriculum Groups, go here.
PD Search Learning Space Search bar (top banner), Catalogs
PD Transcript Learning Space Transcript
Observation Data Whetstone Educator Profile Page, Latest Observations
Professional Growth Plans (PGP) PGPs are longer used as a meausre in DPS. Individual or school goals can be entered and viewed in Whetstone. Educator Profile Page, Goals